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From Meds to Micronutrients: My Experience

Posted on : April 19, 2022 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

"I began seeking alternatives to psych meds and found out about Dr. Julia Rucklidge and Dr. Peter Breggin, among many others. How did I miss this information all these years? I only wish I’d heard about it sooner. Surely, if I found this research, my doctor had heard of it. But I think it wasn’t in his best interest to try this with his patients. 


So the things I’m doing now at best, are the things I should have tried first! The things I put into my body matter! Nutrient deficiencies matter. Strong support systems matter!  Why didn't my doctor explain this?

Years ago, when I asked my psychiatrist if I might benefit from talk therapy, he downplayed it and said, “You have a chemical imbalance in your brain—once we get your meds right, you should be better.” Even though I already had a vague idea, a good conversation is better than any pill! That was 17 years ago. And I’ll say here what the meds did for me:

Weight gain: obesity and all the health problems that come with it. Obesity is unhealthy.

Tremors: what can you do without the use of your hands? My job, my hobbies, etc.

Problems with memory and concentration: how much of our intelligence is about memory and concentration?

Walking zombie: no wonder the people I worked with for years started looking at me funny! I was literally on DRUGS. Falling asleep, also, at very inappropriate times.

The only thing worse than racing thoughts and overwhelming emotions is having none at all! I did eventually end up losing my job (which I loved) and ended up on disability.

The withdrawals were rough. (I did it myself and did not have medical supervision).

But many things improved when I got back on my feet:

  • My blood pressure became normal.
  • My thyroid checked out fine, no longer low.
  • My empathy returned. I can feel again. My mother died in 2015 and I recently was able to cry and say goodbye.
  • No more restless leg syndrome. I don’t miss it!
  • My period returned. I guess I didn’t go through menopause after all!

My motto, lately, is “It’s going to hurt whether I use it or not” because I’d become so physically weak from eight months of lying on the couch. Interesting that my health concerns now are physical and not mental at all. I know, since my disability, I have the “luxury” of time and don’t have the daily stresses of working life. I am able, however, to move through the discomfort and be of some good use and benefit others. Each day I can accomplish household tasks or yard work and actually enjoy being able to do so. Small to some, but to me, it’s huge to enjoy the process!

I am 50 years old. If someone would have told me 17 years ago what was going to happen if I sought psychiatry as a solution for lifelong depression, I surely would have run for the hills!

I’ve only been taking therapeutic doses of the Hardy supplements for a few months. But I truly believe I’m on to something good here. And they have no nasty side effects.

Thank you again to all the helpful people at Hardy. I never would have thought my vitamin company would turn out to be one of my greatest resources!

I hope my story can benefit others in some way. I am hopeful I will continue to improve."


J. Williams

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