Daily Essential Nutrients Powder Sample - 4 Dose Stick Pack

4 g


Daily Essential Nutrients Powder Stick Packs (4 doses in each pack) are used as a sample size of our clinical-strength micronutrient formula in powder form, which provides the solid nutritional foundation the brain and body need to perform optimally.*  It is backed by independent, peer-reviewed research studies and is recommended by physicians worldwide to enhance mood and behavior in patients.*  One stick is equal to one scoop of our clinical strength powder. A stick pack contains four full doses. While it typically takes a month to experience clinical-level results, these samples can help you determine which flavor will work best before purchasing a month's supply.

Daily Essential Nutrients is backed by 40+ independent medical journal publications including several recent double-blind studies for safety and efficacy. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial published in JAACAP in May 2022 reported significant improvements in ADHD and mood symptoms in children with ADHD. Learn more here.

While our finely ground powder works for many children and adults, the taste is not always easy to mask.  For ideas, see our user-submitted recipes.  If swallowing capsules is an option, we recommend our Daily Essential Nutrients in vegetarian-friendly capsules.

If you don't have a clinical diagnosis and you're looking for a high-quality general health formula, check out our Men's and Women's Optimal Balance.

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