Greens & Probiotics

180 Capsules


Greens & Probiotics is a rich probiotic-prebiotic blend that helps promote optimal digestion.*
Unlike most probiotic supplements, this powerful product delivers both a wide variety of health-promoting bacteria and the greens they love to eat!*
-Provides a bountiful blend of enzymes, botanicals, and other nutrient-rich ingredients for optimal nourishment of humans and beneficial bacteria .*
-Delivers 900 million colony-forming units of beneficial bacteria in each serving (2 capsules).*
-Enteric coating helps our probiotics survive, multiply, and flourish in the gut.*
-Regulates and normalizes bowel function, relieving constipation, diarrhea, and other digestive problems .*
-Helps protect and recover the gut microbiome during and after treatment with oral antibiotics .*