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Using Women's Optimal Balance for Stress, Mood

Posted on : July 06, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

All parents know how important it is to be on your ‘A’ game. But many moms aren't arming themselves with the tools they need to perform at their best. 

In fact, a recent study claimed that only 34% of women were taking the recommended amount of vitamins before their pregnancy. That number gets even lower for Hispanic women, with 27%, and even lower for black women at 10%. 

Yes, you read that right. Ten percent. 

The craziest part about the results of this study is that we know the importance of micronutrients in the body. Science has told us for years that micronutrients, like Vitamins A through D, zinc, iron, calcium, and more are what gives women the energy they need to feel their best. And when you’re busy running the world, energy is vital. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to get the right amount of these micronutrients, especially just from food. 

Most vitamins dissolve in water and are therefore known as water-soluble. They’re not easily stored in your body and get flushed out with urine when consumed in excess,” Healthline reports. 

This is one of the potential reasons why many adults in the United States are vitamin deficient. In fact, this study published in Nutrients in 2017, found 31% of the overall population was at risk of at least one vitamin deficiency or anemia, and that “a significantly higher deficiency risk was seen in women (37%).” 

So when Analissa, a mother of twelve foster children, found Hardy’s Optimal Balance for Women, she was thrilled to finally get the extra boost she needed. 

“It’s so nice to have a supplement that’s for me, designed for me,” Analissa explains. 

“The Optimal Balance for women definitely puts me on my ‘A’ game, so that I can be happy Mommy, instead of stressed-out, angry Mommy.”

She goes on to explain ever since taking Hardy’s Optimal Balance for Women, she has felt the stress alleviate from her neck and shoulders, giving her the ability to breathe again, and take on the challenges of parenting as they come. 

“It’s like a deep breath in the bottle,” Analissa relates.

Ever since discovering Hardy’s, Analissa’s whole family has benefitted from taking micronutrients. As a mom to ten children, including both foster kids and biological ones, she wasn’t sure how each child would react, especially since some have special needs. However, she found that everyone in her family found positive upsides to taking Hardy’s- whether it made them calmer, eased their depression, or even helped with paying attention in school. 

For Analissa, Optimal Balance for Women helped her find balance. What's more, this exact formula is backed by double-blind independent university research for stress and sleep.[1]

“It just helps me feel more grounded during the day. And I definitely notice when I’m not taking it. It brings everything to balance, grounded, okay! I have to do this anyway, we’re going to make it through the day. It makes mommying a much more enjoyable experience.”

Interested in joining the thousands of women around the world who have tried Hardy’s Optimal Balance for Women? This supplement is excellent for adults who don’t need the clinical levels found in Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals designed to boost immunity, Optimal Balance supports women’s health and fortifies the body against chronic illness and stress. 

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[1] “Effect of Micronutrients on Insomnia in Adults”, A Multiple-Baseline Study. Joanna Lothian, Neville M. Blampied, Julia J. Rucklidge, Department of Psychology, University of Canterbury, 2016

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