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ADHD Study: Thriving on Hardy's Micronutrients

Posted on : January 01, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Victor is a nine-year-old boy struggling with learning, concentration, and developmental delays.  This has caused great distress for Victor and those around him and has resulted in a diagnostic label of ADHD. 

Video Credit: Foundation For Excellence in Mental Health Care

Several months ago, Victor joined the "Micronutrients for ADHD Youth" research study at Oregon Health & Sciences University, nicknamed the MADDY study.  The study is testing Daily Essential Nutrients, a micronutrient complex formulated by Hardy Nutritionals®, and DEN's effectiveness in assisting children with ADHD who are not taking medication.

In this inside look, Victor's parents share that their son is experiencing big changes.  He is less defiant and is having less trouble at school.  In fact, the school used to call up to six times per day; but since they have undertaken the micronutrient regime, these problems no longer haunt Victor and his family.

Victor's mom shares, "There were times when he wasn't being safe...he would throw chairs and throw pencils, it was very, very stressful.  There is an amazing difference now."

His parents cite a lot of improvement and say they chose the micronutrients because they wanted something natural for their son.  Victor says that he used to have trouble putting together his Legos.  "I'm less frustrated than I used to be.  I always used to yell and scream because I didn't get to finish my Legos."

His mom credits the micronutrients with enabling her family to do more things together because Victor is now able to control himself a lot better.

The MADDY study is a collaboration of colleagues at the University of CalgaryOregon Health and Sciences University, and The Ohio State University.  Researcher Dr. Brenda Leung is assessing the safety and effectiveness of Daily Essential Nutrients.

"This multi-site clinical research trial allows us to replicate studies conducted overseas and extend the findings by beginning to examine for whom, and how, the treatment might work," says Leung.

The study is a follow-up to over 40 independent medical journal publications, many of which were conducted in New Zealand, the U.S., and Canada, examining broad-spectrum micronutrients and their effects on ADHD, anxiety, stress, depression and bipolar disorder.  

As with all previous studies on Hardy Nutritionals® micronutrient formulations, funding is from independent sources.  Funding for this research has been provided by grants through the Calgary Foundation and the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, a community foundation based in the U.S. that connects donors from around the world to independent research projects and innovations in psychiatry.
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