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Child Development Specialist Discusses Micronutrient Therapy

Posted on : December 06, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Maya Litman, a mother of seven children and child development practitioner shares her experience using Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients personally, as well as the experiences she has witnessed working with her husband Dr. Mel Litman’s patients.  Dr. Litman practices orthomolecular medicine in Israel and she often refers her clients to him and vice versa.

For 30 years, Maya has helped women and children overcome physical, mental and emotional debilitations.  In this video interview, she shares that the results from her work and that of her husband have improved since adding Daily Essential Nutrients as a supportive nutritional base.

She and her children also take the Daily Essential Nutrients personally and she says it has made a big difference in their lives. 

“For many years I taught kids without using the extra nutrients and the work went well.  Then we learned about Hardy…I would encourage them to see Dr. Litman for what we call the ‘hardware/software program’, working on improving brain function.  If they had the nutrients and then I would work with them, their brain just worked better.  They were able to learn faster and their improvements went faster.”

She goes on to give a couple of specific examples.

There was a mom who had healthy twin boys.  At a certain point, one of them started to regress.  “She called us and said the boy is not holding his head up and has lost eye contact.  She got very frightened and came to see Dr. Litman.  He said, ‘I want you immediately to start taking a high dose of the Daily Essential Nutrients and breastfeed the boy as much as you can…I don’t think it was more than two weeks, and he just came back.  He was just 100% recovered.  I know the family and I believe the boy is going in into grade one, first grade this September and he’s fine…you literally saw that he wasn’t connecting, and then he was fine.  He was rolling over, he was engaging.  She was able to pass the Hardy Nutritionals in her breastmilk and it was that powerful.”

Maya says that there are a lot of two-year-olds who come to the clinic with autistic tendencies including speech issues.  “The remarkable thing is that Dr. Litman would put them on the Daily Essential Nutrients.  I speak to the parents…they say, ‘Wow, the kid is fine. He went into kindergarten…and the teacher doesn’t notice any difference between this child and the rest of the children.  We have seen a lot of two-year-olds who were recovered with the Daily Essential Nutrients.”

“Almost three years ago, I got a call from a mom who has an autistic child…somehow she heard about Dr. Litman and Maya Litman and wanted to see if anything could be done.”  This is a mother who was not willing to accept the prognosis from other doctors who said that he would not improve.  “He started immediately taking the Daily Essential Nutrients…He wasn’t eager to take it, but we told her that we suspect that it’s going to make a very big difference.”

Maya gave the mother suggestions on using the DEN powder and over time he got used to taking the micronutrients daily.  “There started to be a big change…he was learning even faster, and the changes have been even more dramatic.  Two weeks ago he turned eight years old.  He is calm, happy, plays practical jokes on his family…overall he’s a healthy boy, he’s a happy kid.  I work with him the water, he’s learned to swim…the longer the process goes…his brain is getting sharper.  The Daily Essential Nutrients has been his base, and it’s so much easier to teach him.” 

“I believe that everyone should be taking this, from pregnancy forward…I think the Daily Essential Nutrients is a really good product.  I can’t encourage people enough.  Personally I’ve seen so many results with it.”

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