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These Micronutrients Are Changing Lives

Posted on : May 16, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Hardy’s micronutrients are changing the lives of individuals around the globe. This natural alternative is backed by independent studies, endorsed by psychologists and approved by parents for behavior, mood, and focus.

Boasting a therapeutic level of vitamins and minerals, Daily Essential Nutrients ensures the body is getting the micronutrients that it requires to perform optimally, unlike typical multivitamins.

When Ivy Larson, nutritionist, and author of
Clean Cuisine Cookbook, discovered she could be getting all of her vitamins and minerals from one absorbable source, she was set. 

“The first thing I was doing was trying to find a multivitamin, but because of my own issues with mood and anxiety, I was very familiar with additional micronutrients that are not typically found in conventional multivitamins,” she explained. 

In an attempt to supplement her already healthy diet, Ivy had to find nutrients like lithium orotate and iodine on her own.

“These are really important micronutrients that affect your cognitive function, that affect your mood, and they're not typically found in a conventional multivitamin. So when I discovered Hardy’s and I discovered that they had all these nutrients that I was taking separately, I was excited.”

Improving Behavior Disorders

While Daily Essential Nutrients can provide a positive impact on everyone’s health, a growing number of clinical psychologists have found great success in replacing overly relied upon drugs with natural alternatives. 

The University of Canterbury published a paper in 2019 in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology on the long term effects of micronutrients for ADHD symptoms. 

The results were overwhelmingly positive. Researchers found that children who took micronutrients did not have ongoing side effects and that their ADHD symptoms continued to improve.

“Continued micronutrient treatment was associated with improvements in ADHD symptoms which were similar to, or greater than, those associated with stimulant medication. Unlike stimulant medications, micronutrients were associated with improvements, rather than worsening, in mood and anxiety,” the study concluded. 

“This indicates that micronutrients can be a serious treatment option for those who choose not to take medications. Micronutrients may be especially helpful for children with ADHD who also have difficulties with mood or anxiety.”

When thirteen-year-old New Zealand resident Xander Graham Steele participated in the trial, he took five pills, three times a day to manage his ADHD. Now, Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients is even more concentrated, so children adverse to pills have less to swallow. 

“It actually really helps calm me down when I feel stressed out,” Xander explained. 

His mother, Lara Steele, couldn’t believe the difference between her son before and after he started supplementing with micronutrients. 

“[Before micronutrients] he would just cry all the time,” Lara said. “He wasn’t eating, he wasn’t sleeping. It was just not very nice. It wasn’t a nice Xander.”

But once he started taking Daily Essential Nutrients, Xander’s attitude changed for the better. 

“It took a while to come on...but once he was actually into it, I had a different boy. It was great,” enthused Lara. 

Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients are all-natural, composed of vitamins and minerals you can buy online.

Given the choice between his old methods and his new alternative ones, Xander and his mom say they would never go back to a life before micronutrients. 

“I think it should be used all around New Zealand,” said Xander. “People like me should have a good life.”

Annalisa, a mom (and foster mom) of ten children, noticed very similar results after her child started supplementing with Daily Essential Nutrients. 

“We noticed a difference pretty immediately,” Annalisa explained. “The teachers, the principal- multiple teachers- were coming up to me and saying ‘I don’t know what happened, but your son is doing really well. He paid attention the whole time, he helped me after class with cleanup,’ things like that.”

For the first time in forever, her son was participating in his daily life. 

“He was present,” Annalisa explained. “He was never present before.”

Giving Back to the Brain

Experts have found a place for Daily Essential Nutrients in their patients’ lives pretty seamlessly.

Psychiatrist Dr. Tummala found micronutrients helped alleviate some of the symptoms in her patients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. 

Typically, children with these disorders are put on medication at an early age. This could include antidepressants, anti-anxiety, antipsychotic medications, or stimulants.

Most parents and providers agree that avoiding medication is best when it comes to managing autism,” ADDitude Magazine reports. “And yet, for many individuals, non-medical care falls short in resolving their intense symptoms. These difficulties, such as rampant inattention, may undermine work with teachers and therapists, slowing overall progress.”

That’s why supplementing with micronutrients has been a great alternative for Dr. Tummala’s patients. 

“I’ve found them to be extremely useful for patients with autism spectrum illness, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder. These individuals do respond very quickly and they do experience significant benefit,” she assures.  

The vitamins and minerals found inside these micronutrients have even proven to help brain tissue grow. 

Tara, the mother of a child who experienced a traumatic brain injury, recounts a study on rats and brain development. In this study, researchers took out the frontal lobe of the rats and then gave them micronutrients. What researchers found for the first time ever, was that the brain tissue could actually grow back. 

“They see these increased neural connections,” Tara explained. 

A separate study published in 2016 reflects similar thinking, but with young children. In this study, researchers found that while environmental factors may be beyond an individual's control, nutrition was not. 

“An ever-increasing amount of research demonstrates that nutrition not only shapes the brain and affects its function during development, but that several nutrients early in life have profound and long-lasting effects on the brain. Nutrients have been shown to alter opening and closing of critical and sensitive periods of particular brain regions,” the study opens. 

That being said, researchers concluded that “specific nutrients play an important role in mediating optimal neural plasticity in developing brains, and, it is a therapy that is readily at hand.” 

That’s what Tara experienced with her own child. 

“This is what helped heal my daughter. Those areas of her brain that were damaged, it was healing, it was growing new pathways, the tissue was getting thicker and stronger. I totally credit Daily Essential Nutrients for that.” 

Long Term Success Is Evident 

In all of the cases mentioned above, the patients experienced long term success without the side effects they experienced using alternative treatments. 

Dr. Scott Shannon, psychiatrist and author of “Please Don’t Label My Child” has been recommending Hardy’s to his patients for almost two decades. 

“I’ve been working with David Hardy’s products for 16 years. I have a number of patients that I started out on those products 10-15 years ago, still on them, and still doing well,” he explained. 

“And the best part for them, and ultimately really for me, is that they don’t need my help anymore once they get on these products.”

Lori, bipolar and PTSD survivor, can’t stop telling everyone she knows about how micronutrients helped her. 

“I recommend them all the time. If anything, I have to stop myself, especially in work situations, because I don’t want people to think like it’s my job to recommend it. [Before taking Daily Essentials] you wouldn’t recognize me.”

At the end of the day, micronutrients have been proven to improve the lives of individuals suffering from a wide range of needs- and they really do work. 

“I just have gratitude,” said bipolar survivor, Jonathan. “I am very thankful for Hardy Nutritionals and Daily Essential Nutrients and what it’s done for my life. I’ll take them for the rest of my life.”

Hardy Nutritionals is here to help you. You can learn more about the different micronutrients Hardy offers and find the best one for you here

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