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Interview: Avoiding Meds Using Micronutrients

Posted on : May 23, 2024 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

In this heartfelt video interview, Lisa, a dedicated single mother, shares the remarkable journey of her daughter Sophia and the significant impact Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Essential Nutrients has had on their lives. Lisa begins by introducing herself and her daughter, emphasizing the challenging start her adopted daughter Sophia had in life due to severe malnutrition. "When she came to New Zealand, she was extremely malnourished, and she'd missed out on all of those important nutrients that small children need and deserve in life," Lisa explains.

As Sophia started school, it became evident that she faced considerable learning challenges. Initially diagnosed with ADHD, Lisa was hesitant to rely on prescribed medications and sought less harmful yet effective alternatives. Her search led her to Hardy Nutritionals' Daily Essential Nutrients. Lisa recalls, "We probed a little bit further and actually learned that she had an auditory processing disorder. We were treating the wrong thing and trying to solve the wrong problem."

Upon discovering the right diagnosis, they introduced hearing aids and a microphone to assist Sophia's auditory processing while continuing to address her nutritional needs. It was during this time that an incredible psychologist recommended Daily Essential Nutrients, highlighting its benefits for children with ADHD. This recommendation was backed by extensive research conducted by Dr. Julia Rucklidge, a clinical psychologist and mental health and nutrition specialist at Canterbury University.

The real turning point came about two weeks after Sophia began taking Daily Essential Nutrients. "Sophia became considerably calmer, better focused, and less overwhelmed," Lisa describes, noting a remarkable change in her daughter's demeanor and ability to concentrate. The family maintained a rigorous routine, ensuring Sophia took the supplement daily and monitored her progress closely. By the end of the year, Sophia's academic performance had soared. "She wasn't at the bottom of the class anymore. In fact, she was near the top," Lisa proudly shares.

Despite their success, a brief lapse in the routine during the Christmas holidays resulted in a noticeable regression in Sophia's behavior and well-being, underscoring the supplement's importance. "Sophia went to a very dark place," Lisa recalls, emphasizing their resolve never to deviate from the regimen again.

Lisa acknowledges initial skepticism about the product, but the tangible improvements in Sophia's health, energy levels, and academic performance have convinced her of its efficacy. "I can only say that when I look at how she was before the product, and I look at how she is after it, that for me is sufficient proof," she affirms.

Sophia herself echoes these sentiments, sharing how the supplement has transformed her school experience. "Before I took it, I couldn't focus because it was a lot of noise in the class. Now I'm way more calm, I can focus better, and I don't get as overwhelmed."

Lisa concludes with a powerful message to other parents facing similar challenges: "Taking Daily Essential Nutrients and signing up for the process of it, because it is a process, it's not just a once-and-done hit. It's a life choice and a life change. But the benefits are there."

Through their story, Lisa and Sophia highlight the profound impact that proper nutrition and the right supplements can have on a child's life, offering hope and encouragement to families seeking alternatives to conventional treatments.

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