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Dr. Laura Koniver on Daily Essential Nutrients for Holistic Mental Health

Posted on : November 27, 2023 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

We were excited to partner with Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D. on a video project highlighting the importance of supplementing properly for mood and mental health. In this video, Dr. Koniver discusses the fact that Daily Essential Nutrients is the world's most research-backed supplement for mood and mental health. 

Dr. Koniver is a holistic physician, grounding advocate, speaker and author of the bestselling book The Earth Prescription, beloved around the world and translated into multiple languages and foreign editions.  Dr. Koniver has been featured in many news and media outlets, writes a regular health column for the national organic lifestyle magazine MaryJanes Farm, and is featured in the motion pictures: The Grounded, Heal For Free, Down To Earth, and The Earthing Movie

As a holistic physician for over 20 years, Dr. Koniver knows that supporting mental health is one of the best ways to help an individual be healthy as a whole. When she is helping individuals who have mental health issues like mood support, anxiety, or difficulty concentrating, she often includes supplements because she wants to include nutrition in the treatment plan. 

It is important to Dr. Koniver to recommend supplements that are made in the U.S.A. and that they are research-backed. "This is where Daily Essential Nutrients by Hardy Nutritionals comes in because this supplement is extensively studied, specifically for mood support it is the most studied supplement in the world. It has over 40 independent medical trials including double-blind placebo-based trials that not only show that it works, but that it's safe."

Dr. Koniver adds her voice to the hundreds of other health professionals we work with worldwide, that individuals with difficulty focusing or who experience mood swings will find relief from supplementing with Daily Essential Nutrients.

Find a health professional near you who works with our micronutrients for mental health here.

Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin-mineral products are powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. Our flagship supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients, is widely considered to be the most research-backed micronutrient treatment.
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