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Kirsten and Mars are sustainable living gurus who share their experiences with the world on their award-winning blog, My Home Farm

Turning 45 and 50, respectively, they decided to focus on improving their health this year. Kirsten says, “Even though we eat very healthy and very clean, we grow our own organic produce and exercise regularly…we felt like we needed a little bit of a boost.”

“When we were looking for a multivitamin and a probiotic supplement, we scoured the internet looking for which brands had the most nutritional value and were actually going to be able to deliver the results we wanted,” Kirsten shares.

Their research brought them to Hardy Nutritionals. They first read through the many reviews and the research and found themselves “very impressed with the science” behind Hardy’s supplements. “It’s really important when you’re getting a new supplement to know who is manufacturing it, where it’s being manufactured, and the team and the science behind it.”

Hardy Nutritionals micronutrients are the most research-backed in the world for mood and mental health. Each study is independently funded and carried out at third-party labs in universities around the world.

“They’re constantly participating in trials and studies…you can actually be confident that what they are claiming is actually a reality,” shares Mars.

Prior to starting Hardy Nutritionals supplements, Mars had been experiencing brain fog and found that his mental focus was wavering, which led to irritation and frustration. “After taking Hardy’s Optimal Balance for a couple of weeks, the brain fog is completely gone, and it’s stayed away.”

The Optimal Balance supplement contains every vitamin and mineral that science has proven to be essential for human health. The minerals are all chelated for maximum absorption, which was another reason the couple was impressed—they don't just pass through the body; they are actually able to be put to good use, unlike in many other vitamin-mineral supplements.

Kirsten is taking Optimal Balance as well, along with Greens and Probiotics, to try and improve her long-standing battle with gut health. “I wanted to get on something that was not just pre- and probiotics but also adding in vitamins and minerals to really give myself a nice holistic boost…I really see a massive improvement. My skin has cleared up, my energy levels feel more consistent, my concentration levels are great, and I’ve definitely seen a good improvement in my gut health.”

Kirsten takes Greens and Probiotics in powder form; Mars takes the capsule version. They had tried other probiotics before and struggled with the taste of other brands. They were pleasantly surprised to find that Hardy’s Greens and Probiotics powder has no synthetic sugars or flavors and is easy to dissolve into water or a smoothie with a pleasant result.

Kirsten remarks, “It is worth mentioning that this is also a prebiotic, not just a probiotic…they work in sync with each other for maximum benefit.”

Mars adds that they are taking a gut supplement along with a brain supplement because “a lot of studies have shown a connection between your gut health and your brain health...I would not hesitate in recommending any of the Hardy Nutritionals products.” 

You can watch the entire video review here.

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