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The Most Complete Prenatal Supplement: DEN-P

Posted on : April 19, 2023 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

As the formulator of Daily Essential Nutrients, the world’s most research-backed supplement for mood and mental health, we felt a responsibility to provide hard-working, dedicated, tireless moms with a multivitamin designed specifically for their needs.

Developing and nursing a new baby takes good nutrition and proper supplementation. Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal (DEN Prenatal) helps moms get the protection and fortification they need for all stages of development: before, during, and after pregnancy.

Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal is the most complete multivitamin-mineral supplement available for today's pregnant and nursing mothers. It is clinically proven to improve pre and postnatal development and help mom and baby thrive before, during, and after pregnancy.

Moms who use DEN Prenatal report that they have stable moods, increased energy, and happier, healthier babies.

Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal provides the solid nutritional foundation required to optimize health for both mom and baby from pre-conception through lactation. DEN Prenatal is formulated to deliver unmatched results compared with over-the-counter prenatal supplements because it is backed by decades of independent research for safety and effectiveness.

Supplementing properly reduces the risk of birth defects, miscarriage, and low birth weight. Unfortunately, most store-bought prenatal supplements simply meet the minimum requirements and do not provide enough nutrients for optimal results. Throughout all stages of pre and postnatal development, every biological process requires more than the minimum critical nutrients. 

Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal delivers every essential vitamin and mineral babies need for their brain and body to develop optimallyand that moms need to thrivethroughout the pre-and post-natal journey.

The nutrient ratios available to moms in DEN Prenatal are proven to promote optimal focus, cognitive function, mental clarity, and mood stability.

Each ingredient is balanced with the others according to findings from over 40+ independent studies at levels proven to improve overall health and mental well-being. When compared to other prenatal supplements, DEN Prenatal is the most balanced and the most complete.

Our NutraTek™ mineral chelation maximizes bioavailability, absorption, and delivery throughout the body, enhancing brain function and fetal development. Don’t take chances when it comes to prenatal supplementing. DEN Prenatal includes every single essential vitamin and mineral in a format the body can absorb, so nutrients don’t go to waste.

Eating healthy is half the battle, but you won’t be able to get clinical levels of nutrients from even the best diet. For best results, take three servings of DEN Prenatal per day.

We take product safety seriously. That’s why we only use the highest grade and finest forms of each nutrient. Our facility is GMP and NSF certified, and our ingredients are top eight allergen-free, soy-free, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, and rigorously tested for heavy metals.

Learn more about Daily Essential Nutrients Prenatal here.

Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin-mineral products are powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. Our flagship supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients, is widely considered to be the most research-backed micronutrient treatment.
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