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More Parents Are Turning to Vitamins for ADHD

Posted on : January 23, 2023 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Parents are increasingly turning to supplements to ensure that their picky eaters get enough nutrients. 

As a nutritionist and personal trainer, dad-of-two Frank Cammalleri takes meal planning seriously. Dinner is a colorful mix of carrots, collard greens, and onions, stir-fried with chicken — a simple dish packed with protein and vitamins.

But his 10-year-old son doesn't quite appreciate the variety of colors on the plate.

"My youngest, yeah, he was a little bit fickle and a little picky to my taste," Cammalleri told Insider. "Not totally what I expected."

Cammalleri, out of concern that his son wasn't getting enough vitamins and minerals from his food, put him on a dietary supplement a couple of years ago. "Wherever I see what he's not eating, I try to fill in that gap," the father said.

Cammalleri isn't the only parent turning to supplements. Dietary supplement consumption in the US hits an all-time high, and new survey data suggests parents are key buyers.

A recent poll by the University of Michigan found that half of a nationally representative sample of 1,251 parents polled said they rely on supplements, and a recent study from Germany found the prevalence of supplement use in kids increased between 2014 to 2019.

Google search results also indicated that more parents sought supplements to help their kids in 2022, as interest in "ADHD supplements for kids" doubled last year. This could be because more children than ever are being diagnosed with ADHD. As of 2019, one out of every 10 children ages three to 17 were diagnosed with ADHD. While many medications are available to help with pediatric ADHD, they often have a long list of side effects. After comparing the side effects of micronutrients with psychiatric drugs, Dr. Charles W. Popper, psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist at Harvard Medical School, concludes, "It is evident that the adverse effects of the broad-spectrum micronutrient treatments are mild in comparison with the side effects of most conventional psychopharmacological treatments."

When individuals do not get sufficient nutrients to meet their personal needs, they may begin to experience mental health issues such as mood and anxiety disorders. So it stands to reason that supplementing correctly, especially for picky eaters, can help with the symptoms of ADHD.

If supplements can help with mood and anxiety often associated with ADHD, why not try them before taking medications?

The biggest question is: which supplements work best?

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