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Autistic Teen Finds Relief From Aggression Using Daily Essential Nutrients

Posted on : January 20, 2023 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

When our videography team first met with Connor and his parents, Claire and Paul, it was evident that this was a very happy family. They smiled easily, joked kindly with each other, and shared how they spend most of their free time sailing, hiking, and walking together out in nature. 

But as Paul put it, "You wouldn't have been able to sit where you're sitting a year ago." 

Back then, Connor was not a happy guy. The smallest thing could set him off, even his father's voice. Things got so bad during Connor's aggressive meltdowns that Paul would warn Claire to hide and lock herself in the bathroom until Connor was calm, which sometimes took hours. Paul relates that it often took all of his strength to hold Connor down and try to get him to stop hitting himself in the ears or attacking his own family during his violent outbursts.

They went to their local mental health facility for help at first, and Connor was put on antipsychotics. After several weeks, they still weren't seeing results. They went back to see the psychiatrist, who told them that, essentially, this was just a part of autism and there wasn't much to be done.

As luck would have it, they ran into a nurse at the clinic who was training health practitioners on using alternative therapies, such as vitamins and minerals for mental health. The nurse recommended weaning Connor off of the psychiatric medications and onto a diet free from additives, dairy, and gluten. 

Shortly thereafter, Claire and Paul took Connor to see a Naturopath for a more holistic approach to complement Connor's healthy new diet. The Naturopath recommended Hardy Nutritionals' Daily Essential Nutrients and cited one of many studies carried out by world-renowned researcher Dr. Julia Rucklidge which demonstrated relief of mental health symptoms using the specialized blend of micronutrients.

Connor's parents reached out to Dr. Rucklidge, who recently co-authored a best-selling book, The Better Brain: How Nutrition Will Help You Overcome Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and Stress. Dr. Rucklidge sent an email back citing a list of studies done on the micronutrients.

They decided to start with Hardy's Greens & Probiotics to address Connor's leaky gut syndrome and microbiome imbalance. Within days, they noticed a vast improvement in his gut symptoms. Shortly thereafter, Connor began using the Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrients, and it wasn't long before his mood began to stabilize and his angry outbursts dissipated altogether. 

Connor has now been taking Daily Essential Nutrients for just over two years. His parents credit his sense of calm and reduced stress and anxiety to Daily Essential Nutrients.

"We came from that dark place that we thought we'd never get out of," recalls Paul. "We saw him calming down; he wasn't so stressed. The hallucinations he was having even started to ease."

"The Greens & Probiotics made the initial change and then the Daily Essential Nutrients started to kick in, and that's what has made the biggest impact in his healing. Connor can now lead a normal life."

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