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Is "Daily Essential Nutrients" safe to take for a lifetime?

Posted on : August 26, 2022 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Is Daily Essential Nutrients safe to take for a lifetime?

It’s essentially impossible to prove an answer to such a question for a formula which has not been in existence for 80+ years. But it is consistent with official estimates of safe chronic nutrient intake to assume that unless Daily Essential Nutrients is contraindicated for some reason it is safe to take as recommended for a lifetime. The rationale for this conclusion can be found in the scientific literature, opinions from experts and official regulatory bodies, and clinical experience. Here are two salient arguments among many:

  • When taken as recommended, the levels of all the vitamins and minerals in Daily Essential Nutrients, except magnesium, are within the Tolerable Upper Intake Levels published by the Institute of Medicine (US) or comparable regulatory bodies in other jurisdictions. The only known adverse effect of magnesium at the intake levels in Daily Essential Nutrients is diarrhea/loose stools, and the health professional community raises no additional concerns having a general level of consensus or seriousness been raised by the health professional community. Daily Essential Nutrients is very well tolerated, and it very rarely causes GI upset of any kind at recommended doses. When GI upset does occur it is usually transient and resolves within days or is easily explained by a known health condition. Therefore, according to widely recognized official estimates it can be presumed that Daily Essential Nutrients is safe for chronic use as long as it is within the bowel tolerance of the individual.
  • At Hardy Nutritionals we know of individuals who have consistently consumed Daily Essential Nutrients and/or its substantially similar predecessor formulations at a full clinical dose (12+ capsules per day) for nearly two decades. They say that they would not discontinue taking the supplement for a million dollars, because they do not want to risk the return of the debilitating mental illness from which it saved them. We have seen others who, after many years of clinical dosing find that they are able to maintain their symptom response on a reduced dose and so they may continue to supplement but at a lower intake level. Participants in clinical trials have undergone scrutiny and follow-up, including both symptom evaluations and analysis of biological samples, for up to five years. No safety signals have emerged. Of course, the sample of long-term users is self-selected and not random. Those who use Daily Essential Nutrients long-term do so because they are good responders and it is obvious to them and to those around them that DEN increases their quality of life. In the uncommon scenario that a person has from the outset some sort of intolerance or sensitivity to the formula – or if such a phenomenon develops – they tend to discontinue using the supplement. 

By all appearances and evidences, it would seem that when Daily Essential Nutrients is well tolerated and is not contraindicated the most common long-term side effect is good health!

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