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Surveyed Customers Report “Life-Changing Results” in 30 Days

Posted on : March 18, 2022 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

As the world's leading formulator of micronutrient supplementation for mood and mental health, we continually strive to improve and ensure we are providing the best possible customer experience. Last month, we sent a survey to customers who use our micronutrient supplements regularly. In the survey, we asked individuals why they use our micronutrients and what their experience has been. 

81% of customers surveyed reported life-changing improvement in their moods and mental health within just one month of taking Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN)! Over 10% of respondents said they saw results right away, 24% saw positive changes within one week, 16% reported improvements within two weeks,  7% saw results within three weeks, and 24% reported changes within one month. 


When asked why they decided to try DEN, the majority of respondents said they were referred by a health professional, friend, or family member. Others discovered our highly research-backed micronutrients online through personal research. The published university studies performed on our formulations also led many people to try DEN for themselves.

The responses to, “What is the most important thing you could tell someone who is just starting out using micronutrients?” may be especially helpful to those just starting or considering starting micronutrients. Many of the responses referred to being patient and persistent, such as: “Keep going. Your small improvements will add up!” andKeep using them, even if you don't see results as soon as you'd like. Sometimes our bodies have quite a bit of healing to do.” 

Many shared that DEN has helped their family or children. Here are some of our favorite survey responses:

“It's hard to believe a simple vitamin supplement could have the impact it does on your health. These vitamins are backed by solid science.”

“Stay with it and study to understand the therapeutic dosages. We have used DEN for over eight years. Thank You Hardy's!”

“If you are missing necessary micronutrients in your diet you may not realize that is the cause of a problem you are having. After you start taking Hardy Nutritionals, pay attention to what changes, e.g. better sleep, less headaches or fog, or changes in energy / attitude, etc.”

“You don’t realize how bad you’ve been feeling until you take the DEN and feel like you’ve finally found the missing puzzle piece to your health.”

“Keep taking it! Sometimes it can take a month or more but consistency is important!”

“Don’t procrastinate. It will change your health.”

“If you want to try a supplement that covers everything you need for both mental and physical health, this is IT!”

“They are fantastic! They really do work! Don't give up after a few weeks. Give the supplements time to work. Your problems didn't start overnight and won't be healed instantly.”

“The results are impressive. I stopped taking them for a month or so and really noticed the difference. Started up again and I’m so happy with the results.”

“They certainly helped me with the symptoms I had. Give it adequate time to build your body up if you have had a brain injury. My naturopath at the time was quite impressed with the ingredients and didn't really have too much to add to what was contained in the DEN.”

“Persist! It’s worth it. Also, most people who follow instructions end up off their meds. Finally, pay it forward by sharing the micronutrients with others!”

“Be patient! It’s NOT a magic pill, our kids' symptoms don’t go away. This supplement HELPS with some of their mood swings and anger.”

“DEN is so worth trying! We have seen great improvement with our kiddos and knowing their bodies are being nourished is such a great bonus!”

“These supplements helped my children and me transition (with our doctor’s support) to lower doses and eventually off of antidepressants.”

“They made a huge difference for my daughter who struggles with anxiety.”

The final question asked respondents what they wish they would have done differently. Most responses fell under one of two categories. About half of respondents stated they would not do anything differently, such as this response: “[I would change] nothing. I love what DEN does for my mental and physical health issues!”. The second half remarked that they wish they would have started DEN sooner, such as this response: “[I would] buy it the first time I saw it instead of waiting.” 

Is this a magical cure-all pill? Absolutely not. But over 40 independent medical journal publications report improved mood and cognitive health in those using Daily Essential Nutrients. The idea is that when the brain has all the nutrients it needs to thrive, life gets easier to handle.

Ready to try this highly research-backed alternative for mood and mental health? Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients is available in powder and capsule form, including 10-day trial bottle sizes. We have a dedicated team available to answer any questions you might have via phone, chat, text, or email. Find the formula that’s right for you today at

Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin-mineral products are powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. Our flagship supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients, is widely considered to be the most research-backed micronutrient treatment.
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