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Daily Essential Nutrients for Anxiety

Posted on : April 13, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Are you struggling with mood swings and looking for safe alternative options? Do you have a child who is no longer acting like themselves due to high levels of anxiety? 

Experts and customers alike share their journey with Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Essential Nutrients, and how supplementing with these broad-spectrum micronutrients have led to huge improvements in not just their lives, but for their loved ones too. 

Helps Relieve Anxiety 

Tamara is a mother of a child with anxiety. After their family moved, she noticed her daughter was struggling with anxiety and straying farther from her usual, happy self. After she began supplementing with Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients, Tamara couldn’t believe the difference it made in her child’s wellbeing. 

“Totally different child. Totally, totally different child,” Tamara emphasized. 

“It was like her body was able to get what it needed and move past the trauma of moving here and become her normal, happy self.”

Tamara wasn’t the only one noticing the change. After just a short while taking Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients, she said her child noticed “a huge difference” as well. 

Larry is a father of a son who struggled with high anxiety as well. After he learned how effective micronutrients could be for relieving anxiety symptoms, he introduced Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients to his son. 

In no time he and his wife, Carol, felt like they were seeing their happy son once again.

“Carol and I noticed right away that he was more calm, he wasn’t as anxious about different situations, and he would start to smile and laugh more. We were getting our son back,” said Larry.

Supported by Clinicians 

According to health care professionals, the results these families were seeing from supplementing with alternative nutrients made sense. That’s why clinical neurologists, psychiatrists and general practitioners throughout the world have been recommending these clinical strength micronutrients as a healthy alternative for their patients with anxiety and mood disorders.

“I recommend it for patients who have any sort of gap that needs to be filled,” explained Integrative Psychiatrist Dr. Arwen Podesta, of New Orleans, Louisiana.

“[Whether it be] from a depletion from medicine, from a part of their treatment that isn’t yet met, from nutrition disparities, or whatever it may be, I recommend Daily Essential Nutrients for those patients,” said Integrative Psychiatrist Dr. Podesta.

Experiencing frequent mood swings, irritability, or impulsivity problems? This could be exactly the help you need, according to Integrative Psychiatrist, Dr. Janet Settle of Denver, Colorado.

“I recommend the Daily Essential Nutrients because I know that I’m going to help people with their mood swings, especially with their irritability and temper, frequently with their distractibility, and impulsivity. It’s just a great tool to be able to offer people for help with all those problems.”

Clinicians are so supportive of this alternative route to medicine, that they’re even taking it themselves. That’s right, patients aren’t the only ones thriving.

“I noticed changes in mental clarity, and just feel like I have more energy, and better emotional stability as well,” said Clinical Neurologist Dr. Kelsey Brenner of Chicago, Illinois. 

Provides Stability For Mood Swings

For PTSD survivor, Erica, a natural alternative was vital for her mental health. Erica started taking Daily Essential Nutrients three years ago, after her psychiatrist recommended them to help with the anxiety and depression that stemmed from her PTSD.  Now, she can’t believe the amount of clarity and space the nutrients have provided her from her depression and mood swings. 

“I feel like I have more space between myself, my anxiety, and my depression,” she explained. “Which means I have more time to not be worrying about being anxious or worrying about being depressed, and more time to just live my life.”

For a person working through PTSD, having a strong handle on anxiety and an understanding of dealing with stress levels can make or break them. With Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients, Erica feels like she gets more warning before things get out of control.

“I feel like I get a little bit more warning when I might be becoming anxious, and I have a higher tolerance for certain stresses in my life where I didn’t previously.”

For Lori, introducing these micronutrients into her daily life provided her with a sense of calm she didn’t even realize her body needed. 

“Everything was so out of balance. I could have had heart palpitations from the coffee, and then not had the coffee, and I wouldn’t have noticed the difference because I was constantly in this state of fight or flight,” said Lori, a bipolar survivor. 

Amazingly, the shift in brain chemistry doesn’t even take weeks or months, as other alternatives might.  

“I noticed on day three when I started using it a year and a half ago, my depression started to dwindle away. My manic episodes just started to dissipate, literally,” echoed Jonathon, another bipolar survivor.

With the help of Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients, his commute to work went from his worst part of the day to his most zen. 

“The main thing I noticed when I got on the product was road rage: my tension and fear of flight when I was driving just became non-existent. And so to be able to drive to work for an hour, hour and a half, in bliss, and just be in the moment- that spoke volumes to me.”

Tackling Your Anxiety

Clinicians and regular people throughout the country are taking their lives back, by putting their anxiety in check. 

Interested in easing your mood swings through the micronutrients found in Hardy’s Daily Essentials? This complex micronutrient formulation is available through Hardy Nutritionals without a prescription. Or you can find a doctor in your area who uses the micronutrients in practice.

Daily Essential Nutrients is available in both capsule and powder form.  

Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin-mineral products are powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. Our flagship supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients, is widely considered to be the most research-backed micronutrient treatment.
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