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Doctors Share Why They Recommend Micronutrients

Posted on : March 27, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

VIDEO: Health care providers share details about their experiences using "Daily Essential Nutrients" micronutrients with patients

Dr. Aruna Tummala, Psychiatrist

Trinergy Center for Integrative Psychiatry, New Berlin, Wisconsin
"This multivitamin is probably one of the most robust vitamins that's available to us. I've found it to be extremely useful for patients with autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  These individuals do respond very quickly and they do experience significant benefits."

Dr. Tummala uses Daily Essential Nutrients with patients who come into her clinic with a wide range of mood and mental health symptoms including inattention, mood swings, negative thoughts, aggression and stress.  She says that a couple of her patients use Daily Essential Nutrients for paranoid schizophrenia and that their delusions and hallucinations have been noticeably improved as a result of the micronutrients.  She says that when patients begin to take Daily Essential Nutrients, their need for antipsychotics is often reduced.  

Dr. Arwen Podesta, Psychiatrist
Podesta Wellness, New Orleans, Lousiana
"I have many patients that use Daily Essential Nutrients either for a temporary transition period or for long-term. I have a handful that have been on them for long term that were able to get off of their ADD medications and off of their bipolar medications and still have really good attention and focus and still have no mood swings that are too far up or too far down, so they stay within normal range when they're on this for bipolar, and it's very successful."  

Dr. Podesta recommends Daily Essential Nutrients to patients who come to her clinic for focus, anxiety, mood swings, and other mood and mental health symptoms.  She says that the Daily Essential Nutrients helps to refill nutrient depletions that affect her patients who have been on medications.  Some of her patients use medications along with Daily Essential Nutrients and others have transitioned completely off of medications.  As a psychiatrist, Dr. Podesta is positioned to help her patients find balance between broad-spectrum micronutrients and medications.  Many patients find that they want to reduce their dependence on psychiatric medications for a variety of reasons, including the side-effects they experience.  Fortunately, Daily Essential Nutrients is clinically proven to help with mood and mental health symptoms without causing the side-effects often associated with medications.  Dr. Podesta says that when the body is under a lot of stress, it has a higher need for nutrients in order to successfully function, for instance, when the body is creating melatonin which affects sleep quality.  If a person is unable to naturally regulate their melatonin production, they might have sleep issues and then begin to experience anxiety as a result.  The Daily Essential Nutrients provides the body with every single essential nutrient required for each of the body's processes.  When it comes to prevention and health optimization, Dr. Podesta recommends Daily Essential Nutrients to help patients who want to avoid having mental health issues in the future.  

Dr. Mel Litman, M.D.
Orthomolecular Medicine, Modi'in, Israel
"Once we are able to regularly get these nutrients into them, you see the changes.  Usually, within a month or so, we'll see them start to make comments that things are starting to change.  Two months and three months later, there was more benefit...the Hardy products just made it more doable, made it more manageable, and made it more likely that they were able to continue longer."  Dr. Litman doesn't just use Daily Essential Nutrients with patients for mental health.  He says he uses Daily Essential Nutrients for patients with cancer, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis and hormonal imbalances because it allows them to get the nutrients they need to recover.  He sees a wide range of improvements from patients who use these specialized micronutrients including less depression, less anxiety, better memory function, and improved language and interactions for children with autism.  Dr. Litman says that when patients stop taking Daily Essential Nutrients, they start feeling their symptoms return, especially for those patients who take DEN for mental health symptoms.  

Dr. Kelsey Brenner, Clinical Neurologist
Neurologic Wellness Institute, Chicago, Illinois
"My patients have experienced a wide variety of changes using Daily Essential Nutrients.  I would say the biggest ones would be mental clarity and emotional stability."  

Dr. Brenner works with patients who are suffering from brain injuries, ADHD, anxiety and everything in between.  She shares that those patients who have brain fog, difficulty focusing and emotional instability are able to resupply and supplement with what they need for the vital functions in their body when using Daily Essential Nutrients.  Dr. Brenner wanted to find the best quality and the most research-backed supplements for her patients, and her research led her to recommend Daily Essential Nutrients to her patients because it is "the best quality we can get".

Dr. David Traster, Clinical Neurologist
Neurologic Wellness Institute, Woodbridge, Illinois
"Our patients who use Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients really report improved mood, improved emotions, improved cognition, improved memory, and overall feeling improved energy and really feel like themselves again."

Paul Battle, PAc
Remedi Health, Golden, Colorado
"I use them when I feel people have mood disorders or mental disabilities that may benefit from them, and that could be depression, traumatic brain injury, bipolar disorder."  As a very experienced physician's assistant, Paul sees patients with many different health concerns.  Over the course of his career, he has spent a lot of time researching the impact of nutrition on health.  He says that he chose Hardy Nutritionals because of the research behind them and because he knows that the Daily Essential Nutrients are incredibly high quality and super absorbable. Paul says that the research behind Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients stands apart from other nutraceuticals on the market.  Daily Essential Nutrients is backed by multiple independent university studies, including double-blind placebo-controlled trials for mood and mental health.  In fact, Daily Essential Nutrients was recently FDA approved as an investigational new drug for ADHD.  "In medical school, the average time spent on nutrition is two weeks...I think there is just too much emphasis on the pharmaceutical approach first.  It doesn't take much time to write a prescription but it does take time to teach patients."

Dr. Janet Settle, Psychiatrist
Integrative Psychiatric Care, Denver, Colorado
"I recommend Daily Essential Nutrients because I know that I am going to be able to help people with their mood swings, especially with their irritability and temper, frequently with their distractability and impulsivity.  It's just a great tool to be able to offer people for help with all those problems."  Dr. Settle says that the medical community is trained to look for symptoms, rather than root causes.  When it comes to her practice, she takes an approach that tries to find underlying health concerns, rather than simply covering up symptoms, which is another reason why she recommends Daily Essential Nutrients to patients.  Dr. Settle has patients who use psychiatric medications and patients who use micronutrients.  She believes that there is a whole variety of root causes behind mental health symptoms that are undertreated, and she says that nutritional status is one of those.

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