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Micronutrients Helped Our Son's Anxiety

Posted on : December 04, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Larry and Caryl's son Mark has dealt with anxiety and panic attacks since the age of 12.  His anxiety impacted his day to day life in a major way.  His whole life was affected by panic and anxiety attacks.  His parents took him to multiple doctors and tried him on several different medications, to no avail.  Now Mark takes Hardy Nutritionals Daily Essential Nutrients and has finally found lasting relief.

Mark's anxiety first became an issue for him following an important baseball game where he was scheduled to pitch the entire game.  His team lost, and Mark blamed himself.  He began exhibiting serious symptoms--so much so that his parents took him to the emergency room thinking Mark was having asthma attacks.  Doctors assured Mark's parents that he did not have asthma and sent him home.  Over the course of the next few months, the symptoms persisted.  Mark's parents took him to see more doctors who still maintained that Mark did not have asthma and that he was a healthy child.

As a teenager, Mark continued to be overwhelmed by everyday stressors, and his anxiety was negatively impacting his life.  His parents shared, "The meltdown would last for months...He would just stop everything.  He would no longer go to work, he could barely function."  

Larry and Caryl did not know what to do to help their son.  They had Mark try several different medications which either made him more anxious or lethargic.  That's when they decided to go the natural route and found out about Hardy Nutritionals.  When Mark gave Daily Essential Nutrients a try, he didn't notice any difference at first.  His parents, however, say they noticed a dramatic change in his mood and anxiety.  "He started to smile and laugh more and we were getting our son back, basically," shares Larry.

After being on Daily Essential Nutrients for a period of time, Mark continued to improve.  He got a job which he was able to keep, his relationships with others improved dramatically, and he started feeling good and more like himself.  In fact, when he started improving, he stopped taking the micronutrients and his parents noticed an increase in his symptoms again.  Now he is back on the micronutrients and doing very well.  Mark is currently in the process of moving out of his parents' house and getting his own place, a feat which his parents say is a huge sign of improvement.

"There were times quite frequently actually when we would have family dinner and all the family were here and he would basically stay in his room.  If he came down for dinner he would eat a very small portion very quickly and go right back up to the room...That's changed.  He's now with the family, he enjoys his nieces and nephews and plays with them, enjoys being with the family and that's improved immensely."

To other people struggling with anxiety, Larry says, "I think you'll see the difference.  You've got to give it a try...give it enough time so that you can start to monitor and see some of those differences."  

Caryl adds, "You'll see it as little things that happen, just their personality coming back and wanting to do more things."

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