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Soundbite From Our Scientists: Oral Antibiotics

Posted on : September 25, 2018 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

This short soundbite from one of our scientists explains how antibiotics may limit your success while using micronutrients. 

Hi this is Jared from the Hardy Nutritionals® science team. Sometimes it's necessary to take an oral antibiotic by mouth and the reason why mouth is important here is our gut health. When oral antibiotics are taken, they affect the microflora—the bacteria—in our gut and there's a lot of good bacteria down there that make a big difference to our overall health and our mental health. There are three things we recommend while using an oral antibiotic.

Number one, we found in order to maintain mental stability during the course of antibiotics it's important to increase the dose of Daily Essential Nutrients by 50%. So for every two capsules you're currently taking, you take one more capsule. So if you're taking 12 capsules currently, we'd add 6 more capsules per day in order to maintain stability.

The second thing we recommend is to replenish the gut bacteria as soon as possible in between doses of antibiotics.

You can let the antibiotics be absorbed and then replenish with beneficial bacteria. Each dose of the antibiotic will have an effect on the gut microflora, the beneficial as well as the negative bacteria, and so by supplying that beneficial bacteria in between doses you're protecting the health of your gut.

It's not a good situation to leave the gut without beneficial bacteria because that gives an opportunity for fungi for instance to flare up.

That leads us to the third recommendation. We recommend to take an anti-fungal product during the course of antibiotics as well.

An example is Olive Leaf Extract which prevents the fungi from flaring up while there's a situation where there are fewer bacteria around to compete with them.

So number one: increase the dose of Daily Essential Nutrients by 50% during the course of antibiotics.

Number two: take Greens and Probiotics throughout the course of antibiotics and probably a couple of weeks after antibiotics.

Number three: take Olive Leaf Extract or another antifungal product during the course of antibiotics.

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