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Why Taking (Certain) Multivitamins is Pointless

Posted on : June 18, 2018 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

A trending topic today is the notion that taking multivitamin mineral supplements has no "added the prevention of disease."[1] In fact, a new study is quickly circulating the web citing research that supports the idea that vitamins and minerals do not improve overall health or prevent disease at all.  At Hardy Nutritionals®, we completely agree that the average multivitamin supplement is far less than adequate, which is precisely why our micronutrient formulations stand out among the rest.  Our product formulators spent decades refining and perfecting our nutritional formulations so that they not only provide the proper ingredients, but effective values of each in order to affect change in the body. taking multivitmains is pointless unless they are broad spectrum micronutrients

But don't just take our word for it, have a look at the 30+ independently funded, university researched medical journal publications which prove that broad-spectrum micronutrients such as Daily Essential Nutrients and Optimal Balance™ are vastly different from what you'll get if you take "the average multivitamin".

The study referenced above which discusses the lack of efficacy of standard multivitamin mineral formulations actually begins on a very positive note, by explaining that the "Treatment and prevention of micronutrient deficiencies with vitamins and minerals in the last two-and-a-half centuries are among the most dramatic achievements in the history of nutritional science," and then proceeds to cite studies done on brands such as Centrum, Pfizer and other "average micronutrient formulations" as in effectual and unhelpful to human health.  The issue with those standard formulations, unlike Hardy Nutritionals® formulations, is that they typically use low grade ingredients in imbalanced formats, and include the rock form of minerals which the body cannot break down and put to good use.  

The study goes on to grade the type of research done on micronutrients and multivitamin mineral formulations, citing randomized controlled trials (RCTs) as the highest-quality evidence.  

Lucky for the reader of this article, you've stumbled upon a very powerful piece of information:  Both Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin mineral formulations are backed by RCT evidence showing:

-Improved moods
-Decreased stress
-Reduced insomnia
-Less need for mental health medications

The key factor in the difference between supplementing properly and improperly is a broad-spectrum balance.  Prevailing research indicates that individual nutrients or several individual nutrients used together such as A with D or B12 with Calcium, were shown to be ineffective in improving the health of the person taking them when compared to a more complete approach.  That is because in order for the body to utilize the nutrients provided, they need to be balanced to one another.

Take the American Psychiatric Association's 2017 textbook, "Complementary and Integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice", for instance.  In a chapter dedicated to the use of broad-spectrum micronutrients, researchers point out the desirable characteristics of broad-spectrum micronutrient formulations for the treatment of mood and mental health disorders.[2]

The researchers found that in order for a multivitamin mineral supplement to have therapeutic effects, it must have:

  • At least 10, preferably more (25 or so), minerals and vitamins.
  • Individual ingredient doses exceeding the minimum RDA.which multivitamin is best
  • Balanced ratios.
  • High bio-availability.
  • High quality control.
  • Absence of citrus bioflavonoids which interfere with drugs.
  • Availability of peer-review studies on safety and efficacy using comparable formulations.

So while the average (poorly formulated) multivitamin mineral supplements may be pointless to take, Hardy Nutritionals® formulations stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Our general health micronutrient formula, Optimal Balance™ is specifically designed to provide the nutrients a healthy person needs to function optimally.  Our clinical-strength formula, Daily Essential Nutrients provides higher levels of all the essential nutrients and is formulated and backed by independent research for the treatment of mood and mental health disorders in children and adults. 


[2] "Complementary and Integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice", 2017

Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin-mineral products are powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. Our flagship supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients, is widely considered to be the most research-backed micronutrient treatment.
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