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Microflora Imbalance Quiz: Does Your Gut Need Balancing?

Posted on : April 17, 2018 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

The Hardy Nutritionals® Microflora Imbalance Quiz is an educational questionnaire designed to help you answer important questions related to gut health.

Do you suffer from lethargy, nausea, headaches, depression, insomnia, brain fog, mood swings, indigestion or bowel irregularity?  When was the last time you considered the gut-brain connection?gut health imbalance candida quiz

The human gut is a battleground.  Billions of microflora, (good and bad bacteria) are fighting for victory in your digestive tract.  Absorption of nutrients can be severely impacted when the gut biome is out of balance, which in turn, can affect the brain.[1]

Basically everything humans experience such as diet, environment, and stress influences the development, activity, and composition of the microbiome.  The composition of human microflora in turn strongly influences the absorption and metabolism of medications and nutrients and strongly correlates with a myriad of health disorders.

Contributing factors to microflora imbalance include:

  • Use of antibiotics.
  • Use of prescription acne treatments.
  • Use of steroidal medication such as asthma inhalers

Ever heard of Candida?  How about Leaky Gut?  Chances are, if you haven’t, you could be suffering without knowing it.

QUIZ: Find out if you could be suffering from a microflora imbalance.  

More than a century ago the Russian scientist Ilya Metchnikov, who is regarded as “the father of modern probiotics,” suggested that the microbial communities within the GI tract had a profound influence on general human health and claimed that some of the bacterial organisms present in the large intestine were a source of toxic substances that contributed to illness and aging.

Metchnikov observed that the regular consumption of lactic acid bacteria in fermented dairy products was associated with enhanced health and longevity in Bulgarian peasant populations and he suggested that supplementing the diet with lactic acid bacteria, an early probiotic intervention, would have health benefits, including promoting longevity [2]. He foresaw that any change in the composition, function and dynamics of human microbiota could increase susceptibility to certain diseases.

gut health quiz, candida, leaky gut quizLuckily, the biochemistry experts at Hardy Nutritionals® have you covered.  If you are dealing with an imbalance of microflora, there are powerful, natural options available which can help restore balance and support overall health. 

Hardy Nutritionals® Greens & Probiotics contains a rich blend of enzymes, botanicals, and other nutrient-rich ingredients that provide optimal nourishment for healthy bacteria. This allows the 1.4 billion colony-forming units of beneficial bacteria in each serving to multiply exponentially and flourish in the gut.*

Hardy Nutritionals® Olive Leaf Extract is made from antioxidant and phytonutrient-rich Mediterranean olive leaves. It promotes healthy bowel function with its powerful anti-microbial properties, significantly boosts antioxidant protection, and enhances immunity.*

Use the Microflora Imbalance Questionnaire to find out if an imbalance in your gut could be contributing to your symptoms.


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