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Everything You Need to Know: Starting Micronutrients

Posted on : January 31, 2018 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

First Thing's First: What Are Micronutrients?
Everything You Need to Know: Starting MicronutientsAt Hardy Nutritionals®, when we say "micronutrients", we really mean "clinical micronutrients" or "micronutrient therapy".  This method of supplementation provides therapeutic levels of the essential vitamins and minerals in a highly absorbable format.  Simply stated, clinical micronutrients provide all the nutrients the human body needs every day, in a way the body can put to good use.  And when the body gets all the right nutrients, good things begin to happen (according to independent research).

Can't I Get These Nutrients From Food?
Eating a diet rich in nutrients is essential to daily life.  We learn from books like "Healing Without Hurting" that avoiding chemicals in our foods and eating right is a seriously important first step in addressing overall health and wellness.  However, according to Dr. Bruce Ames, a world's expert on nutrition, even the best diets are lacking in clinical levels of micronutrients.

How to Transition to Micronutrients (With or Without Medications)
Whether or not you are taking psychiatric medications, it is likely that a transition period will be required before reaching the full dose of Daily Essential Nutrients.  Before anyone begins taking clinical micronutrients, they should take 6 minutes to watch this important video, which includes information for your doctor:

How to Obtain Optimal Results - Consistency is Key
Noticeable improvement in attention, mood, anxiety and other neurological symptoms often begin in as few as three to six weeks.  Consistency is key. However, results always vary from individual to individual.  Success with Hardy Nutritionals® products is most often achieved by taking our micronutrients consistently and as recommended.

Following our guidelines is especially important for individuals taking prescription medications and those with digestive health issues:

Get to Know Daily Essential Nutrients Micronutrients
When considering clinical micronutrients, you'll want to do your research.  Be sure to watch the three short videos above, read through our FAQs, and take a look at the NutraTalk blog, for personal stories from our customers. 

Daily Essential Nutrients comes in both powder and capsule form.  Try these recipes to make taking the powder easier, as it has a strong taste.  Or watch this video to learn how to swallow capsules.

When considering clinical micronutrients, remember:  Do your research, be consistent, follow the directions, and reach out to us if you have any questions. 

We are happy to help.  

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Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin-mineral products are powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. Our flagship supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients, is widely considered to be the most research-backed micronutrient treatment.
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