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New & Improved Daily Self Defense™ for Women (Now Optimal Balance™)

Posted on : August 11, 2017 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Women’s Daily Self Defense now with 25% more minerals in every capsule! (Now called Optimal Balance™)

Our scientists are continually looking for ways to give better value, better products, and better results to our customers, but how does one improve upon an already fantastic product? 

Well, for starters we are proud to announce that our product development scientists have been able fit 25% more minerals in each capsule of Daily Self Defense™ which is now called Optimal Balance™.

And it doesn’t stop there!  We have made all the following value-added improvements to Daily Self Defense™ for Women:

daily self defense micronutrients by Hardy Nutritionals-   25% more minerals in each capsule.

-   13% larger proprietary blend, with four new health-boosting ingredients.

-   More high quality forms of vitamins & minerals.

Why are more minerals important, and how do the other improvements add value?

Most supplements provide notoriously ineffective forms of essential minerals in order to save space and to market a ‘one-a-day’ dose.  Our NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology combines each mineral with organic molecules – just like plants do in nature – optimizing bioavailability for absorption and distribution to body cells. daily self defense for women by hardy nutritionals

This approach is bulky, but it is one of the secrets as to why Hardy Nutritionals® products so dramatically outperform other multivitamins. 

Minerals are essential to both structure and function in the human body, and humans naturally get them from both food and water, but aggressive farming practices, food supply over-processing, and heavily treated water supplies leave today’s mothers with less nutrition to pass on to their babies in the womb and less nutritious food to feed their children as they grow.* 

Fitting 25% more essential minerals in the same number of capsules while maintaining the effectiveness of our mineral delivery technology is truly a powerful improvement!

In addition to more life-giving minerals in every capsule of Daily Self Defense™, our scientists have improved many other aspects of the formula.  In keeping with recent research on the protective effects of gamma tocopherol against cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammation, and even neurodegenerative diseases, Daily Self Defense™ for Women now delivers vitamin E as a blend of tocopherols, including a significant quantity of gamma tocopherol.  Vitamin B12 also now consists of the most abundant natural food form, hydroxocobalamin, in combination with methylcobalamin.  In addition to supplying the body with vitamin B12, hydroxocobalamin protects against cyanide toxins.*

An addition to the immune-boosting herbal mixture and hormone-balancing royal jelly, the expanded proprietary blend now includes four new ingredients: alpha lipoic acid, bamboo shoot extract, Great Salt Lake minerals, and coenzyme Q10 (Co-Q10)! 

-   Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your body from the types of cellular damage that causes cancer, heart disease, insulin resistance, aging, and a host of other problems.* 

-   Bamboo shoot extract is good for more than just panda bears!  It is a concentrated natural source of bioavailable silica, an often overlooked nutrient found in fruits and vegetables that helps maintain strong bones, joints, and teeth as well as vibrant hair and nails.*

-   Great Salt Lake minerals are a blend of natural trace minerals that have been researched as a protection against osteoarthritis and joint pain.*

-   Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a powerful antioxidant that enhances mitochondrial function and also protects against cardiovascular disease.*

Backed By Independent University Research

University researchers found that Daily Self DefenseTM significantly improved sleep problems and stress when taken at a dose of 6 capsules/day. They commented that “there is a well-established link between insomnia and stress.”§

"Micronutrients Had a Large Mean Effect on Stress"§

stress micronutrients for women
††Average Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale subscore (n = 9)
**  Significant with 99% confidence (p<0.01); ‘Very large’ effect size (Cohen’s d = 2.43).  

“Treatment completers reported reliable and clinically significant change in insomnia severity...and on at least two aspects of sleep”§

insomnia micronutrients for women
†Average Pittsburgh Insomnia Rating Scale score (n = 9)
*** Significant with 99.9% confidence (p<0.001); ‘Huge’ effect size (Cohen’s d = 3.45).
§“Effect of Micronutrients on Insomnia in Adults”, A Multiple-Baseline Study. Joanna Lothian, Neville M. Blampied, Julia J. Rucklidge, Department of Psychology, University of Canterbury, 2016

 Daily Self Defense™ is Not your Average Multivitamin.

We are proud to offer a revitalized formula of Daily Self Defense™ for Women that is now more powerful than ever!  Daily Self Defense™ for Women consistently delivers real results that dramatically improve the quality of life of women around the world. 

For example, Daily Self Defense™ for Women is an excellent prenatal, delivering the full recommended levels of folate and iron for pregnancy and lactation, but it benefits more than just the babies!  Moms find they have more energy, more stable mood, more mental clarity, and an enhanced ability to cope with stress.  Even apparently healthy women who simply try Daily Self Defense™ as their daily multi-vitamin find that it relieves symptoms they didn’t even realize that they had!  For instance, they often report that they get sick less frequently and less severely.*best prenatal micronutrient daily self defense

 Not a Substitute for Clinical-Strength Micronutrient Therapy.

While the benefits of Daily Self Defense™ for Women are significant for many people, it is no substitute for Daily Essential Nutrients

At Hardy Nutritionals®, we talk a lot about our Daily Essential Nutrients product, and it definitely deserves the attention!  Backed by evidence from a growing number of medical journal publications†, published independent of us by researchers at universities around the world, it is rapidly becoming the preferred first line of defense against serious mood and behavioral disorders for physicians and parents alike.* 

After all, who wouldn’t prefer – for themselves or their child – a proven, effective, safe, natural alternative to side-effect-ridden mind-altering drugs?  But while we necessarily focus on getting Daily Essential Nutrients to those who so desperately need it, a growing number of women without severe symptoms or an officially diagnosed illness are finding Daily Self Defense™ to be a true gem hidden among our clinical-strength products.

Daily Self Defense™ was created by the same team of scientists who formulated Daily Essential Nutrients, to be the ‘general health’ version of this powerful clinical formula.  The reduced dose and price make it a more accessible option for those experiencing only mild symptoms of moodiness and stress.  Daily Self Defense™ for Women maintains much of the critical completeness, quality, and balance of essential vitamins and minerals clinically proven to balance mood, but also contains a powerful blend of botanicals and hormone-balancing factors tailored specifically to the nutritional needs of women and it is designed to boost immunity and fortify against chronic illness and the stress of modern living.*


†Refers to Daily Essential Nutrients and pre-2013 versions of EMPowerplus, co-formulated by Hardy Nutritionals® Founder, David L. Hardy.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin-mineral products are powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. Our flagship supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients, is widely considered to be the most research-backed micronutrient treatment.
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