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International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research: Hardy Nutritionals®

Posted on : August 22, 2017 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

The movement for nutrition-based treatment in psychiatry is growing and gaining momentum among doctors and their patients, but also among scientists. 

In Bethesda, Maryland, during the first week of August, two scientists from Hardy Nutritionals® attended the first ever worldwide conference of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research, a group of health professionals and researchers dedicated to advancing the field of nutritional psychiatry research and translating the resulting knowledge into solutions for those who society for nutritional psychiatry research

At the ISNPR conference, Hardy Nutritionals® scientists saw for the first time, along with the other conference attendees, new data from a double blind study in which Daily Essential Nutrients was used to treat ADHD symptoms in children.  Julia Rucklidge, a professor and independent researcher at the University of Canterbury who previously studied the effect of broad-spectrum micronutrient therapy on ADHD in adults†, presented the data from her study in person. 

In her study, Daily Essential Nutrients had a “squeaky clean” side effect profile, no different from the placebo control, and she found a pronounced treatment effect for attention symptoms, but the improvement in hyperactivity was not statistically significant within the duration of the trial.  Many of the clinicians and researchers present were thrilled to hear of a therapy that could improve the attention and behavior of ADHD children without suppressing their natural curiosity and energy.  The study is currently in peer review, pending medical journal publication. 

Other research topics presented at the conference included the benefits of diet improvements and omega-3 supplementation on mental health and psychiatric improvements.  A Mediterranean diet, omega-3 supplementation of EPA and DHA totalling 2 grams per day, and supplementation of non-essential active metabolites (such as N-acetyl cysteine & 5-HTP) were among the interventions discussed that were capable of improving mental health.  However, the data presented at the conference on broad-spectrum supplementation of essential vitamins and minerals, was arguably the strongest in terms of treatment outcomes and effect size.ISNPR

At Hardy Nutritionals® we are proud to see independent research performed on our products, as it essentially results in professional, third party validation of the efficacy of our products.  We are also proud to be part of the broader movement of organizations in academia and the marketplace that facilitate the investigation and development of nutritional interventions in psychiatry.  We applaud all efforts in this field.  When all is said and done, what gets us excited about going to work every day is seeing people’s quality of life improve through the improvement of their mental and emotional health. 

We are proud to say that Daily Essential Nutrients stands out among natural alternatives as among the safest, and most effective ways to improve mental health!



†Refers to Daily Essential Nutrients and pre-2013 versions of EMPowerplus, co-formulated by Hardy Nutritionals® Founder, David L. Hardy.

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