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See What Others Are Saying About Daily Essential Nutrients Micronutrients

Posted on : June 16, 2017 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

"After gaining almost 70 pounds and pushing his diabetes into distress on pharmaceuticals prescribed by his doctors, I searched endlessly, believing the meds were not only NOT helping, but CAUSING these and other distressing symptoms in my son. I finally found a holistic doctor who stated that his symptoms were "isotropic” and weaned him off some the meds.

However, she stopped short of removing all meds so I searched more, finding Hardy online and after reading his story, and found Dr Schacter.

Dr. Schachter has successfully treated patients with mood disorders with supplements alone and just a few short months on Hardy, my son is completely off the Rx.

The excess weight is just melting off him, resulting in improvement of his "A1C" solely because of this treatment regime. I still cry with relief to have found Hardy.

My son is now able to concentrate in school and be more active off of what I can only describe as poisons that nearly ruined his life. He is now hopeful for his future after years of unnecessary pain and patient “blaming” by the very people we trusted to help. Thank you Hardy for giving me my son back." - Patricia Y.

"My son with major depressive disorder, now age 34... is doing great, and has never needed psych meds since [beginning micronutrients in] 2001.

My younger son has also not needed any psych meds since 2002. He is now in nursing school and doing very well. I have recommended the supplement to numerous other people, all of whom are doing amazingly well on it. Can't praise it highly enough...there just are no words!" - Debbie C.
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"My daughter attempted suicide. She took a class in high school and determined she was bipolar. After great success when we introduced our nephew to this great product (again a great success story) we tried this with our daughter. It helped her so much. She would go off it for a while and then realize she still needed it. The product has made some great changes that have made it easier on her tummy. Love and suggest to anyone to try it.
5 plus stars for me" - Jill

"I switched over to Daily Essential Nutrients in 2013.  I suffer from cognitive impairment, debilitating anxiety and impulsive behaviors, which were all acquired from a 'Left Temporal Lobectomy.' People chuckle when I tell them that I'm 'Retarded with Awareness!' The Micronutrients have done an excellent job in keeping me stable. I was able to raise two kids on the Micronutrient and without the assistance of antidepressant drugs. 

As a matter of fact, I was prohibited from using antidepressant medications. I call that a 'blessing in disguise! Since starting the Micronutrient, I'm able to maintain and focus on tasks through to completion. I'm able to organize and prioritize jobs on a daily basis and follow them thru to the end."  -Linda W.

"I am doing very well with the Daily Essential Nutrients. I no longer deal with the brain fog each day. This lifted after being on the nutrients for a few weeks. I also have the energy to go through the day and accomplish what I need to each day. Wonderful Product! " - Mark

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