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Breakthrough Mental Health Treatment Impacting Lives Worldwide

Posted on : January 20, 2017 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Thousands of people have found relief from symptoms of mood and mental health disorders using the clinical micronutrient therapies formulated by the late David L. Hardy, founder of Hardy Nutritionals®.

Hardy believed that in many cases psychoactive drugs are prescribed too frequently and that many adults and children suffering from disorders such as bipolar, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD and depression should have the opportunity to address the root cause of their illnesses rather than covering them up with pharmaceuticals.  

Increasingly, an attitude of “Let’s try it and see whether it helps” seems to have become a standard when treating mental health disorders, which can be dangerous when psychoactive drugs with serious side effects are being prescribed.  

There is now substantial evidence that these medications may damage the nucleus accumbens[1], an area of the brain crucial to motivation and drive, as well as cause heart disease.[2]  There are also an increasing number of youth and adults abusing prescription medications such as those for ADHD, particularly in the United States.[3]

David L. Hardy spent his career educating doctors, scientists, and the public about the successes and benefits of using clinical micronutrient therapy, an alternative to psychoactive drugs, now backed by nearly 30 independent medical journal publications.†

Before his recent death in November 2016, Hardy built a transition leadership team around him and fully prepared them to carry on his important work.  Comprised of highly educated and experienced experts, the Hardy Nutritionals® management team continues to bring life to his vision; That one day micronutrient therapy will be internationally recognized as the first line of defense against mood and mental health disorders.

After a life long dedication to providing effective nutrient therapy to thousands, David L. Hardy personally gives invaluable advice to those considering micronutrient therapy before turning to psychiatric medications.  While Hardy’s formula isn’t a miracle cure, it has been shown to be an effective process that takes commitment.  

Hardy said, “We’re confident that you can experience positive, life changing results using Daily Essential Nutrients…In order to obtain an optimal response, there are some crucial things you will need to know.”  The video, featured below, outlines the steps adults and children should take to obtain optimal results when transitioning from psychoactive medications to Daily Essential Nutrients, Hardy Nutritionals® flagship micronutrient therapy.

A growing number of health practitioners are recommending Daily Essential Nutrients to patients.  Many patients look for alternatives to medications. Doctors can easily transition their patients from psychiatric medications to micronutrients,  and it is available online to patients without a prescription.

The micronutrient complex Daily Essential Nutrients comes in two forms: capsules and powder. A therapeutic dose is required for psychiatric diagnoses, up to 12 capsules or 3 scoops of powder per day.  Still, the independent research shows it works--and without the dangerous side effects often associated with psychiatric medications.†

While eating a healthy diet is crucial, the founder of Hardy Nutritionals, David L. Hardy, said that good food is not enough.  “The clear evidence shows that we are not getting what we need out of our foods, even if they are carefully selected.  Mental illness has increased, autism has increased...deficiencies of essential elements in the body kill brain cells and degenerate neurons.”

A highly research-backed alternative, David L. Hardy’s micronutrient formulations have been the subject of many independent, peer reviewed studies, published in nearly 30 medical journal publications.†  Packed with 40 highly absorbable quality nutrients, at levels and balances science has shown to be clinically effective against a wide range of mood, mental and behavioral disorder, it is no wonder adults and children alike are successfully replacing their psychiatric drugs with Daily Essential Nutrients.†

Add to that the recent publication of a successful double-blind study on adult ADHD, David L. Hardy’s micronutrient formulations are becoming increasingly more popular in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, the U.K. and even South America.†

Harvard’s Dr. Charles Popper, who recently published an 80 page review in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America medical journal entitled Single-Micronutrient and Broad-Spectrum Micronutrient Approaches for Treating Mood Disorders in Youth and Adults, reported, “I have many patients who previously required close medication management on conventional drugs, but who now check in every 3 to 12 months with little symptomatology to report.”

In early 2016, David L. Hardy was interviewed by Kathy Ireland on Modern Living With Kathy Ireland® as sponsored programming.  The 10 minute segment, featured below, includes an interview with Dr. Scott Shannon, integrative psychiatrist and author of “Please Don’t Label My Child”, “Mental Health for the Whole Child”, and “Parenting the Whole Child”.  In the interview, Dr. Shannon shares some of his clinical experience with Daily Essential Nutrients, and says, “I think my peers realize that our psychiatric treatments have limited efficacy and very serious risk issues and side effects...and I think I see better results with fewer side effects with Daily Essential Nutrients.”

For those interested in micronutrient therapy, Daily Essential Nutrients is available worldwide from Reviews and testimonials from doctors and patients are available at  







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