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The Promising Effect of Micronutrients on Insomnia: A Multiple-Baseline Study in Adults

Posted on : June 14, 2016 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Insomnia is a debilitating condition which often causes sufferers great psychological distress.

Individuals who are affected very often suffer from other mental and physical health conditions, making their symptoms just that much more unmanageable. These individuals typically take more medications, consume more health care resources, are absent from work more, and have more work-related or motor vehicle-related accidents than the general population.

Nutrition researchers from the University of Canterbury (Joanna Lothian, Neville M. Blampied, and Julia J. Rucklidge), recently published a study which examined the effect of Hardy Nutritionals® Optimal Balance™ on insomnia. This trial was built on the findings of earlier successful trials which have demonstrated how specialized micronutrient formulas can significantly improve psychological functioning and well-being in general. The findings demonstrated the promising clinical benefit of Hardy Nutritionals® broad-spectrum micronutrients in the treatment of adult insomnia. Individuals in the study reported moderate to large effects on sleep onset latency, night waking, and sleep quality. Several individuals reported moderate to large improvements for total sleep time and sleep efficiency.

Participants showed reliable clinical changes by the 4th week of taking Optimal Balance™. In addition to the exciting findings for insomnia, researchers noted that the participant's scores for depression, anxiety, and stress reduced to non-clinical levels by the 8th week of taking Optimal Balance™ in nearly all study participants.

These results support other findings in past research trials, which showed that individuals who took very similar levels of micronutrients after a series of earthquakes, experienced statistically significant improvements in depression, anxiety, and stress scores compared to individuals who didn't take micronutrients or who took a less potent micronutrient formula. The researchers concluded that "nutritional supplementation is shown to be a novel, beneficial treatment for insomnia in adults."

More about Optimal Balance™

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Source: Effect of Micronutrients on Insomnia in Adults: A Multiple-Baseline Study. Joanna Lothian, Neville M. Blampied, Julia J. Rucklidge. Clinical Psychological Science. May 23, 2016.doi:10.1177/2167702616631740

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