Soundbite From Our Scientist: Psychiatric Medication Management

As a general principle, changing psychiatric medications or adjusting psychiatric medication dosages while taking the Daily Essential Nutrients can be a significant limiting factor. When medication dosages are improperly adjusted, it can lead to fluctuations in brain chemistry that make it difficult to manage symptoms.

Taking too much medication while simultaneously taking micronutrients can increase the risk of a drug-nutrient interaction and can amplify the specific medication's side effects. Changing the dose or lowering the dose too quickly can increase the risk of discontinuation syndromes, more commonly known as withdrawal symptoms.

The best way to manage the medication reduction process while transitioning to micronutrients is to work with your healthcare provider to gradually reduce medication over time. The process of slowly reducing the medication dosage seems to keep most individuals stable throughout the process while the micronutrients support brain function. Eventually, the medications can be tapered off successfully.

Our Product Specialists are also standing by if you or your doctor need more information.

While working through psychiatric medication reduction, many people also benefit from Hardy's Balanced Free-form Aminos, which can be helpful when dealing with medication withdrawal symptoms.