Taking Daily Essential Nutrients With Medications

This is a fictitional story about two friends, Jim and Mary who both suffer with mood disorders.

Jim takes psychiatriac medications but notices that he does not feel like himself. Mary takes Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Essential Nutrients and feels great.

Mary tells Jim about Daily Essential Nutrients and Jim tries them. He feels good for a while then begins to feel worse. While discussing this change with Mary, she realizes that Jim is taking his medications as well.

Mary encourages Jim to call Hardy Nutritionals® and to work with his doctor to reduce his medications due to the over-medication side effects that he is experiencing. Jim follows Mary's advice and in a short time begins to feel well again.

Although this video is fictional, in reality, we see this all the time at Hardy Nutritionals®. It is important that individuals be aware of the side effects of their medications when taking Daily Essential Nutrients and that they work closely with their doctor to resolve these issues.