Why is the multi-nutrient approach of Daily Essential Nutrients essential for my health? - Part 2 -Dam analogy

A large percentage of the US population are not meeting the 100% Recommended Dietary Allowance for multiple essential nutrients. And remember that the RDA is only the minimum amount that’s required to keep you from deficiency disorders. It’s certainly not the amount that would optimize your health.


Here’s an analogy to illustrate how important it is to address all of these nutritional deficiencies in order to enjoy optimal health: In this analogy, the dam represents the human body. If there are no deficiencies in the dam, the dam holds water and functions as it should. If there are no deficiencies in the body, it too will function as it should. However, if there are multiple deficiencies (holes) in the dam it will cause the dam to leak and not hold water like it was designed to. That’s not unlike the body. If there are multiple deficiencies in the body, it won’t function optimally either. In fact, the body would begin to experience functional difficulties and illness as a result of deficiency-related conditions. When we address this situation with a single element in the body, it’s like fixing a single hole in the dam.

However, if there are multiple deficiencies in the dam, even after we’ve fixed the biggest hole, the dam will still leak. In this analogy, all the researchers would be able to measure in this repair is the difference between the first limiting nutrient—the biggest hole in the dam—and the next limiting nutrient—the second biggest hole in the dam. The body still malfunctions, and we don’t get a clear idea of what optimal health is until we address all of the deficiencies in the body.

Fixing some but not all of the holes in the dam would be like using a supplement that’s not complete. You would still have illness related to nutrient deficiency.

Indeed, it’s not until you fix the entire dam that you restore the dam to its optimum function. It’s not until you take care of every deficiency in the body that you really see the astounding effects of complete nutrition. We show you in other videos how our broad-based, uniquely processed formulas perform in research trials. In these trials, researchers are measuring results that have never been seen before because of the completeness and effectiveness of our products. The analogy of the dam illustrates that without taking the broad spectrum, multi-nutrient approach to supplementation, we are not going to produce the desired results for our health.

In summary, even a single nutrient deficiency can have a powerful effect in the body. And, deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can significantly impair body systems. The analogy of the dam illustrates the importance of not leaving any single deficiency unaddressed. We do that only at the peril of our health. Daily Essential Nutrients is designed to enhance your health and quality of life by optimizing intake of a broad spectrum of nutrients.