Do I need Daily Essential Nutrients if I have a healthy diet? - Part 2 - Diet & exercise

Taking our high-quality supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients, is especially important during weight-loss activities such as dieting or exercising, which can increase the risks of essential nutrient deficiencies. Although Daily Essential Nutrients is not a weight loss supplement by itself, it will preserve and enhance the intended benefits of any diet or exercise program. 

Exercise accelerates the body’s demands for essential nutrients and contributes to their loss through sweating. This increases the risk of nutrient deficiencies. Adding Daily Essential Nutrients to your exercise program will provide your body with optimal nutrient levels to maximize your physical and cognitive performance in your efforts to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. 

Dieting can also lead to nutrient deficiencies. Over 65 million Americans are on a diet of some kind, trying to lose weight. Many of these diets are good diets and can help you lose weight. However, according to a recent study, a typical dieter using popular diet plans would be on average 56% deficient in reaching the minimum recommended dietary intake for 15 essential vitamins and minerals. 

Here’s another way to look at this problem. Because these diets supply an average of about 1,750 calories, it’s very difficult to choose a variety of foods with high enough nutrient density to meet the full recommended levels of all the essential nutrients you need. In fact, researchers calculated that if participants on these four diet plans were to simply eat more of the same foods (without supplementation), they would have to take in a whopping 27,000 calories on average in order to get 100% of all their essential nutrient requirements. At this caloric intake, rather than losing weight, everyone would gain weight incredibly fast! 

In commenting on this research, The International Society of Sports Nutrition concludes that “These findings are significant and indicate that an individual following a popular diet plan as suggested, with food alone, has a high likelihood of becoming micronutrient deficient” This, they say, is “a state shown to be scientifically linked to an increased risk for many dangerous and debilitating health conditions and diseases.” Their conclusion underscores the need for everyone—especially those who are dieting or exercising—to invest in a very complete, well-balanced, high-performance vitamin-mineral supplement like Daily Essential Nutrients in order to prevent these dangerous and costly health conditions. 

Another interesting study further illustrates that we don’t meet our nutritional needs in our diets, even if we are consciously trying to do so. This study analyzed 70 diets of athletes and other health-conscious participants who were seeking to improve the quality of their micronutrient intake from food choices alone. 

The study concludes that all 70 diets fell short of the recommended 100% RDA nutrient levels from food alone. 

Vitamin deficiencies amounted to 40% in men and 29% in women. Mineral deficiencies amounted to 54% in men and 44% in the women. The combined average deficiency of micronutrients was over 40%!