Success Stories: Micronutrients for Depression & Brain Injury Recovery

Tara, a Hardy Nutritionals® customer, shares her experience using Hardy's clinical strength micronutrients formulation to help alleviate her own mental health symptoms, as well as those of her daughter, who was recoverying from a traumatic brain injury. She shares that all five of her kids are on the autism spectrum, as well as herself.  In fact, she says that her whole family is riddled with central nervous system disorders (which is why the autism genome project studied them in 2004).  

Tara shares how she was on medications for her mental health disorders for about 7 years, and then she was unmedicated for 4 years, at which point she transitioned onto Daily Essential Nutrients.  She says when she takes Daily Essential Nutrients she is calmer, less stressed, her moods are even, and she can handle the sensory interactions that typically cause her overload.  When she stops taking Daily Essential Nutrients or misses doses, she notices her memory, problem solving skills and brain coordination are severely affected.  

Tara's daughter Julia incurred two concussions during her final year of high school. The second one was so severe, it left her home-bound, suicidal, and for two years she spent most of her time in a dark bedroom.  Her eyes couldn't dilate properly, and  light and sound bothered her immensely.  She was easily overwhelmed in a crowd, and she lost some of her memory, attention, and her ability to write like she used to. These things led to depression and a hopelessness that she would not be able to live out her dreams of serving a mission for her church, and attending college.

For six months, Julia took a lower strength blend of micronutrients from another company. Julia's mom saw some improvement for a few months, but then she says Julia got worse. She began to suffer from panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

That's when they switched to Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients. Within two weeks they saw improvement. Julia was calm and able to spend more time around the family. Within three months on the full dose, Julia entered BYU Idaho on a full course load and got high grades for that semester.  Three months later she applied and passed her medical exam to serve a mission.  After being on DEN for one year, she is currently serving a mission in San Jose, California.  She continues to use Daily Essential Nutrients.

Tara credits Julia's recovery to Daily Essential Nutrients and references a study done on a previous version† of DEN where brain surgery was performed on two groups of rats: those who were given the micronutrients, and those who were not.  The rats who took the micronutrients fully recovered from the surgery, whereas those who did not take the micronutrients, did not recover.

Tara, a massage therapist, is currently teaching at the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy and has her own practice as well. Because she is so passionate about the research behind these powerful micronutrients and the outcomes her daughter and family have experienced by using them,  Tara has started teaching a class at the college for the public to learn about the effectiveness of micronutrients.  She comments, "I hope to share our experience with others so they might have the opportunity to find hope the way our family did with Daily Essential Nutrients."

†Refers to a pre-2013 version of EMPowerplus which was co-formulated by Hardy Nutritionals® founder David Hardy.