Success Stories: DEN Helps Aggression in Autistic Teen

Connor's parents discuss how the aggression and mood swings associated with his autism spectrum disorder were alleviated using Hardy Nutritionals' Daily Essential Nutrients and dietary changes. Daily Essential Nutrients is a clinical-strength micronutrient supplement backed by over 40 independent medical journal publications for safety and efficacy.

Connor is an adult on the autistic spectrum, but that doesn't stop him from living life to the fullest. He enjoys hiking and sailing with his parents, hanging out with his friends, and walking his dog. But a few years back, things were drastically different for Connor and his family. His aggressive rages were so violent that his mom, Claire, had to hide in the bathroom for hours while his dad, Paul, held him down. The community mental health psychiatrist put Connor on antipsychotics, but those didn't do much to help and blunted Connor's passion for life. Then, a Naturopath introduced Connor and his family to Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Essential Nutrients, the world's most research-backed supplement for mental health. Combined with Hardy Nutritionals' Greens & Probiotics, the Daily Essential Nutrients has given Connor and his parents their lives back.